Vince Murdocco was born in Montreal, Canada in 1966. When Vince reached the age of seven, his family moved to Vancouver, BC. Growing up with two other brothers always kept Vince occupied. Everything he touched would break and if it didn't break, he spilled it.

In school Vince was considered very disruptive and, being a little overweight, he was teased by the other kids. To cope with the teasing he became the class clown and was very outgoing: he tried everything he could but never quite found his place. One day while in class he did a parody of his catholic school's principal and this, combined with his constant talking in class, lead to his expulsion. He was transferred to a public school in Burnaby for the rest of his high school days.

Vince eventually graduated from high school and started to work at his family's popular coffee bar " Calabria Cafe". At this time he was still unsure what to do with his future. Already being fluent in both French and Italian, he received a degree at Langara College in Modern Languages and was considering a career in translation either for the government or an airline.

One day while working, he met a gentleman from New York who was in Vancouver to train with a special martial arts instructor They struck a deal between them: He would teach Vince fighting in exchange for free coffee and meals. This trainer didn't last long but he did give Vince an interest in learning how to fight. Vince found a new coach, C.K. Choi, a Chief Instructor of the Korean Army and a 10th degree black belt. With him Vince learned respect and self-discipline, and he began to shed his extra weight as his puppy fat turned into muscle.

Vince improved very quickly and jumped belt tests, a feat accomplished by only one other student in the school's history. The anger he harbored from being teased as a child turned into results. He finally found his niche and proved to be a natural. At the age of 19, Vince entered his first tournament and placed first in his division. He entered as many tournaments as he could and after winning every major tournament in Vancouver, his sights were set on the World Karate Championships.

Vince put together a team of four men, including, his younger brother and registered. Only a blue belt at the time, Vince entered the full contact division without checking the rules, which stated that it was an open level competition. Vince unfortunately had to face 3rd and 4th degree black belts, but still finished 3rd in the world. Vince continued to train and won the Provincial Championship, and continued on to win the Canadian Cruiserweight Championship. During this time he had also acquired a small but devoted fan club of young local girls who would meet to trade pictures and gossip.

Vince then fought in Japan, a place where fighters are very well respected, and won the Japanese Shoot Boxing Championship. He became an instant celebrity and was even offered a modelling contract. Vince went on to capture the North American Kickboxing Championship, and then while in Miami at a tournament, he found a new career.

>A friend of his asked him to drive her to an audition for the film, "Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders", the sequel to the 1970's cult/comedy film "Flesh Gordon". While waiting for her at the audition he caught the eye of the producers who convinced him to audition for the title role. Modestly, he auditioned and he received the role, beating out the actor who originally played Flesh. Vince had no prior acting experience but this proved to be a large stepping stone.

Vince decided to put his martial arts training on hold to take advantage of the acting opportunities that were coming his way. But Vince never let go of the sport completely, as he dreamed of filming a martial arts movie to show his skills to the world. He got his chance when he was cast in "Kickboxer II," the sequel to the hit movie that starred Jean Claude Van Damme. This was Vince's first serious movie role and he was a big hit with everyone that worked with him. He became friends with everyone on the set from the extras to the crew. This established his real, down-to-earth personality that he is known for.

Vince then moved to LA to continue his acting career, but he never let go of his fighting talent. He continued his training in Van Nuys Ca. at the "Jet Center" run by one of the legends of kickboxing Benny" the Jet "Urquidez. While training at the this prestigious Martial Arts School, Vince had the pleasure to train not only with the best in the world but also became friends with some of the greatest Martial Arts Experts the world has ever seen.

Vince was later cast in the role of "Chuck" in the movie "Ring of Fire". Starring 10 times World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Don "the Dragon" Wilson. Many of Vince's movies highlighted his abilities and in 1992 Don "the Dragon" Wilson asked him to accompany him a special issue of the industry magazine "Inside Kungfu" where he would play the part of the fall guy, demonstrating fighting techiqniques used in action pictures, with Don. Vince went on to co-star with Don "the Dragon" in other movies, where Vince finely tuned his craft of acting. His Martial Arts ability and numerous leading roles have made Vince Murdocco a force to be reckoned with.

Vince was later featured as an up and coming action star in 1995 where he was featured in Martial Arts Movies Special Edition stating his accomplishments and promoting his last picture" LA Wars" where Vince was considered not only a martial arts star but featured his transformation as an actor.

After spending nearly a decade in LA starring in TV and Movies Vince decided he had spent enough time away from his family and moved back home to Vancouver, Canada, where the industry was booming. Vince returned to Vancouver "Hollywood North" as it is refered by many and continued his success guest starring in "Police Academy" the series and starring in a feature film entitled "Salvador's Deli" shot in the neighborhood he grew up in. Vince's family roots have kept this actor planted firmly to the ground and people can find Vince helping his father at his family business Café Calabria the oldest Italian Coffee house in Vancouver, in the heart of Little Italy. Not only is this a family business it's a part of the culture of Vancouver where at any given time you can be serenaded by his father while you experience the Italian Mystique. Everyone from Directors to Writer to Producers to Actors frequent this establishment making Café Calabria "THE PLACE" to be.

Vince has just finished a film entitled the "Barber" with Malcolm McDowell. Writer/Director Michael Bafaro actually wrote the screen play in Calabria Café. Not only did he write Vince a role but he recieved 10 nominations for his movie as well as winning a "LEO AWARD" for the best screen play of 2001. With starring roles in four movies and numerous co-starring roles, Vince's future is looking bright and with any luck his hard work will definitely pay off. Vince's up and coming project is a feature film entitled Trapline. An action film which is slated to be filmed in Sept 2002. We will continue to keep you informed of his adventures as they happen.