Since staring in the lead role of Flesh Gordon in "Flesh Gordon 2 - The Return of the Cosmic Cheerleaders", the sequel to the cult classic Flesh Gordon, Vince Murdocco has gone on to appear in over 18 movies.




Fantastic 4 two Rise of the Silver Surfer

Principal / Lieutenant#2 Stunts

Mounty Productions Ltd Director: Tim Story

Afghan Knights


Paradox Pictures
Director: Al Harmon

X-Men 3

Principal  /Omega Red Mutant    Stunts

20th    Century    Fox  Inc.     Director: Bret Ratner


Principal / Savini

Industry Works Inc.
Director: Michael Bafaro

Canes(The Covenant)

Principal / Uniformed Cop

Kirk Shaw Productions
Director: Michael Bafaro


Sheridan Stunt Double

Supernatural Films Inc.
Director: Bret Radner

Love Crimes of Jillian Guess

Principal / Bruce Cop

Force FourEntertainment Director: Bruce MacDonald

The Barber

Principal / Agent Rayner

Prophecy Entertainment
Director: Michael Bafaro

Salvador's Deli

Lead / Danny

Miridien Films Entertainment
Director: Trevor Mirosh

Death Game (Mortal Challenge)

Lead / Alex

Maurice Smith Productions
Director: Randolph Cheveldave

Sworn to Justice

Lead / Moon

Maslak/Frieman Entertainment
Director: Paul Maslak

Night Hunter

Lead / Argento

Armatraj Entertainment
Director: Rick Jacobson

L.A. Wars

Lead / Quinn

American Cinema Group
Director: Marty Morris

To Be The Best

Lead / Duke

PM Entertainment
Director: Joseph Merhi

Ring Of Fire II

Lead / Chuck

PM Entertainment
Director: Richard Munchkin

Ring OF Fire

Lead / Chuck

PM Entertainment
Director: Richard Munchkin

Kickboxer II

Lead / Brian

Kings Road Entertainment
Director: Albert Pyun

Fighting The Past

Lead / Johnny

Thomas Earl Productions
Director: Thomas Earl

Flesh Gordon II

Lead / Flesh

FilmVest Entertainment
Director: Maurice Simms

Police Academy (The Series)

Guest Star / Arnold

Bulloch Entertainment
Director: Alan Harmon

Private Wars

Principal / Eddie

PM Entertainment
Director: John Weidner

Fist of Honor

Principal / Thug

PM Entertainment
Director: Rick Peppin

Comrades of Summer

Principal / Cuban Pitcher

HBO Productions
Director:Tommy Lee Wallace


Principal / Vinny (youth)

Cannell Pictures
Director: William Fraker

Magic Kid II

Principal / Hank

PM Entertainment
Director: Stephen Furst