Home Provides Balance
Vince Murdocco's parents help keep the success of an acting career in perspective

Success in Hollywood hasn't been able to keep Vince Murdocco away from Burnaby. He's making a place for himself in the movie industry as he currently works on his sixteenth martial arts film.

But the former Burnaby North secondary graduate is hanging on tight to his Canadian roots. "You don't appreciate it until you come back," he said.

Murdocco has a home in Los Angeles but returns to live with his parents in Burnaby often and can even be seen working in his father's Calabria cappuccino bar on Commercial Drive.

"I get put to work every time I came into town," he said, insisting his parents won't let his success go to his head.

It was while he was working at Calabria that Murdocco took the first steps toward his acting career.

He befriended a martial arts expert and in exchange for free coffee, Murdocco was given free lessons. It changed his life dramatically.

It seems inconceivable, because of his stunning good looks and athletic ability, but Murdocco insists he grew up as the "chunky kid" in school.

Within five years, Murdocco was no longer chunky but instead was turning heads as he earned black belts in tae kwon do and karate.

He became involved with kickboxing and went on to win both the Canadian and the North American cruiserweight championships.While competing at a kickboxing competition in Florida, he met an actress who convinced him to accompany her on an audition for the movie called Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders.

He hadn't considered a movie career, but Murdocco went to the audition and walked away with the lead role. Ever since, he's been kept busy working both in television and movie productions. Murdocco is enjoying his acting career immensely and it shows.

He's enthusiastic but says he won't let fame change him. He credits his parents for keeping him on track." They mean everything to me...but I am sure they will stick me in my place now and then. I like that."

Lori Wallis - Burnaby Now, May 29, 1996