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With over fifteen years of experience and 18 movies, including "LA Wars", "To Be the Best", "Ring of Fire" and "Kickboxer 2" and after spending almost decade in LA Murdocco moved back to Vancouver. Back home he has guest starred in "Police Academy: the Series", and filmed "The Barber," with Malcolm McDowell, as well as other film. Vince is currently working on numerous projects.

Vince has been compared to Rob Lowe, Tom Cruise and native BC actor Michael J. Fox. He compares his own acting style to Mel Gibson and lists Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro amongst his favorite actors. He has remained very grounded thanks to his supportive family and the many lessons fighting has taught him about respect and being humble. Vince's future is looking bright and if his past is any indicator his hard work will definitely continue to pay off.

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