Kickboxing Kid a Local Movie Hero
Vince Murdocco hit with girls

In the ring, he turns his opponents legs into quivering jelly with combinations punches I karate kicks to the midsection and head. And at least one Hollywood director thinks his muscular physique and handsome features will make many female movie-goers become weak at the knees, too.

At 23 years of age, Vince Murdocco - known as "The Boss" to his fans - is the Canadian Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion.(On Saturday night he fought Marcus Reed of Tacoma to a tie for the vacant North American Light-Heavyweight Kickboxing Championship.)

Moreover, Murdocco is an ambitious young actor who plays the lead role as Flesh Gordon - the All-American hero - in this summer's release of a Hollywood sex comedy called Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders.

"I play a kind of superman who fights evil but Is also pretty good with the ladies." Murdocco explains. "though it's certainly not any kind of porno movie. I wouldn't do anything that would upset my family and my (Italian) community. An there's my fanI have to set a good example
for too."

The amiable Italian-Canadian has a fan club of some 40 pre-pubescent girls n East Vancouver who meet once a week to exchange photographs and gossip on their local hero.

Murdocco has already played small roles in the successful movie Kickboxer and in 'TV's Wiseguy'. But he hopes his movie career will take off after the release of the sequel to the cult classic Flesh Gordon.

Already this Burnaby native has been offered a major role in the sequel to the box office money spinner Kickboxer. And several other directors have shown an interest in Murdocco.

In an interview at his fathers cappuccino bar, the Calabria Bar. In East Vancouver's 'Little Italy district, the Burnaby North graduate recently spoke of his future as an actor and kickboxer.
'I'd like to be another Michael J. Fox Be another local boy from Burnaby made good.

He still lives at home with his parents and two brothers and often helps out at his father's bar in his free time.

A fluent speaker A French and Italian Murdocco once considered making a career as a translator for the government. But he settled on a job as a shipping co-ordinator for the Port Of Vancouver so that he could concentrate on his kickboxing training.

For the past several months, he's been keeping up with a grueling training schedule - for four hours of each day, six days a week - to prepare for Saturdays big title fight.

He cuts an unlikely profile for a man who loves to bust people up in the ring. With his boyish good looks, he resembles Rob Lowe far more than he does Chuck Norris.

Murdocco may seem a little crazy for risking messing up his face by fighting with men almost as tough and vicious as Mike Tyson.

"I started out as a fat kid and got pushed around a lot in school. I had no self-confidence at all. Then one day when I was 17, this guy from New York into my dad's bar.

"He was kind of scruffy and admitted to having no money but said he was a martial arts expert. Well, I wanted to learn to look after myself. So, we struck a deal. He taught me how to fight and, in return, I feed him."

Now he holds a black belt both in Tae Kwon Do and in karate. And the kickboxing champion is considered a strong candidate for a world championship by his trainer Farid Dordar.

Meanwhile "The Boss" wants to take a break from his martial arts training to "have some fun in the movie business."

Mark Davis - Vancouver Province, March 19, 1990