'Nothing naked,' but just enough

His favorite food is his mother's lasagna. His father says he is "90-per-cent perfect." And here, on Page 143 of the November issue of Playboy, he is straddled by three naked women.

Vince Murdocco is your local boy made good. His dad, Frank Murdocco, is the owner of the Calabria Cafe on Commercial and his pride in his son is matched only by the utter perfection of his espresso and cappuccino

Back to the naked people. "There he is. You can just see a little bit of his face," says Frank, pointing to the supportive person below.

Burnaby boy Vince Murdocco is Hollywood's new Flesh Gordon. He Is also the light-heavyweight kickboxing champion of Canada, a distinction not so incidental because it means that he's tough, athletic and naturally marketable as a movie hunk.

His life these days is in a state of apprehended ignition while filmdom gets ready to turn the key, crank up the revs
and pop the clutch on this vehicle that could make young Vince very big very fast.

For soon "Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders". It's the movie that his dad hopes will turn Vince Murdocco into Burnaby's next Michael J. Fox, only taller.

Sixteen years after the boomingly successful soft-core Flesh Gordon began to reap its $70 million on movie screens, the Vancouver-made sequel is about to hit town and its destiny is entwined with Vince's. He's the great looking kid discovered by the producers when he just happened to be giving his girlfriend a lilt to an audition.

Let his dad tell it, as he proudly does te everyone who comes into Calabria.

"My boy went to Fort Lauderdale to fight and there he met the Penthouse Pet of the Mouth (not yet, but she would be in June 1990). And she tell in love with my son.

"She phoned him almost every day. She came up here a few times and she was looking for a part hi the movie Flesh Gordon. So Vince drove her to where they were doing the auditions.

"Those movie guys - instead of looking at her they could only look at my son. They looked at him and they figured he looks better than Donny Lalonde, the guy they were planning to have as Flesh Gordon.

"So they tell my son they want him," Frank says that Vince was suitably modest. "I'm no actor, I'm a fighter." his dad says he told the producers.

They insisted.

The Penthouse Pet? Frank stresses that when Miss June stayed with the Murdocco's she didn't dress as she did in the photo spread."They're not going out any more but she still calls him all the time. In her mind she still wants to marry him," says Frank.

Back to Playboy. It's a feature entitled Sex In Cinema 1990, which Frank says is an overstatement '1 wouldn't let him do It If it was a porno, Even if he Is 24 next month, I wouldn't let him do it.

"There's nothing naked in this movie. A lot of bikini, a lot of topless -. which is normal if they want to get people to go to the movie. "They have love and kissing and stuff like that. IfI not, what would they do? Just stand around like statues?"

Life after Flesh has included a role in Kickboxing II, where Vince plays a not bad guy killed 20 minutes before the end.

The fact is that Vince Murdocco is a good guy. Whenever he's in town he works in the espresso bar with his dad and two brothers, although at home his mom still has to make his bed and clean up after him.

These days he alternates living in Burnaby and LA,, where he takes acting lessons and looks for work while awaiting release of his two movies

He spent months seeking acting jobs in Vancouver-based productions, but his father says he couldn't get big parts on Wiseguy or 21 Jump Street "because you can't have too many good-looking guys on the same program."

And why is Vince only 99-per-cent perfect? "Because sometimes he doesn't listen to me," says Frank.

Bob Stall - Vancouver Sun